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I walked into the toddler room after a couple of months as we start to come back to the normal routine. I was scared and nervous at the same time, that I’m going to set up the toddler environment during this pandemic. I had a lot of questions in my mind knowing the fact that it would be hard for them to follow this new normal. I start off with 3 toddlers in my room which was kind of easier for me. I had 2 toddlers, 33 months old, and one toddler 20 months old. So setting up the guidelines was not that hard. The work tables are set up in a way that they are 6 feet apart with their own rug. Toddlers wash their hands quite often during their day. I saw a lot of positive changes in the toddlers the older toddler in an environment helps the younger ones. As the younger toddler walked into the room the older toddler make sure that the younger one washes their hands. He turned on the water and rinsed his hand he poured a small amount of soap in his hand and shows him the picture of a child sc


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Transition (The New Normal)

Let’s  think about the child in the mother’s womb . The child  depends on  the  mother for  nutrition and a safe place to develop . When  t he  child   leaves  the womb  and enters  the world ,  that’s  the child’s  first transition.  This is when the child  sees everyone  and  feel s  the ir  touch.  As  the child  adjusts  to  the  new  environment ,  the next transition  occurs when solid food is introduced.   Sitting, crawling, standing, and walking independently all follow.  Moving forward ,  the child then transition s  from the home environment to the school environment ,  and  that’s  where the challenge comes. A door open s,  and here we go .   A  new toddler step s  into the  class room along with  his  mother. They both are anxious and nervous about  his  first day at school. Mom explain ed  everything about  his  routine  to me   during  orientation.  However, s he is still anxious to see  her  toddler  go ing to school for the first time.  I feel  the  child’s nervousness.

Environment and surrounding

“ The fundamental help in development, especially with little children of  three  years of age, is not to interfere. Interference stops the activity and stops concentration.” — The Child,  Society  and the World   (Unpublished Speeches and Writing)  Go back in time .   T hink  of  your first day  of  school. Your parents are happy .  You enter the school with a strange new feeling. As you arrive in the classroom ,  your anxiety increases . Y ou don't know  what you'll be doing in that room or how people will react. You  understand  that  the  person standing by the door looking at you is your teacher. She g ives you  a smile and ask s  you to find a spot and sit down. You know your parents  won’t  be there with you and  that  you're the only person dealing with  this new experience .  Just  thinking about the first day  of  school brings back the anxiety  you felt   at  that time.  On  Nov ember  6, 2016, I remembered  my first day of  school ,  not as a student but as an a